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SECCEIT was pioneered by the Centre for Computer Engineering (CCE), which has operated for about 20 years as a CPN-accredited tertiary institution, CCE has graduated over 200 computer Engineers who are registered with COREN and CPN. While the CCE will concentrate on her traditional values of conducting professional examination courses and International Certifications, SECCEIT will focus on NBTE Programmes listed below.


The following programmes are currently available in the Monotechnic/Innovation Enterprise Institution:

  1. Software Engineering Technology Department.
    Software Technology is a specialization that concentrates on how to design and develop software architecture that will produce complex and functional software for local consumption and export.

Engr. Cosmas Ifeanyichukwu Nwakama B.Sc, M.Sc (CS) (FUTO)          H.O.D
Ijeoma Edit, Dip(ICA), B.Sc Comp.Sc (IMSU)                                             Lecturer
Val Agbasionu , B.Sc(Stat), M.Sc(CS) (UNN), PhD(CIS) (Calif)               Lecturer
Osuagwu Edwin, ADip CS (FUTO-CCE)                Snr. Technologist/Instructor
Amalahu Comfort C., B.Sc CS (IMSU)                Lecturer
Eke Joseph Iheawuike, B.Sc CS (unn), M.Sc (CE)(ESUT), PhD(iv unizik)    Assoc Lecturer
Uchehra Cynthia  C., B.Sc CS. M.Sc CS (iv IMSU)            Lecturer
Njoku Obilor A., HND CS (Ibadan), B.Sc, M.Sc CS (AAU)        Lecturer
Okide Samuel, NCE, B.Sc CS(unilag),M.Sc, PhD CS (unizik), FNCS     Chief Lecturer
Onodueze Frnacis I|., ND CS, B.Sc CS (IMSU)                Lecturer
Osuagwu O. E. DSc CS (Mexico), PhD(IT)(UCN), PhD(cforencs)(Calif)
FNCS, FCPN, FIMIS, FBCS CITP(Lond), MACM, MIEEE (USA)        Chief Lecturer
Ihedioha C, BSc CSE (Ife), MSc PMT (FUTO), MCPN, MNCS    Associate lecturer
Ihejirika Joseph, HND EEE (Afikpo)                Technologist

  1. Computer Hardware Engineering Technology
    Computer hardware engineering technology involves the design and fabrication of
    computer     systems especially mother boards via VLSI as well as it’s assembly into
    functional Pc node.

Engr. Etus Chukwuemeka, B.Eng, M.Eng (EEE) (FUTO)                       H.O.D
Engr. Nwaro E.  AD, PGD, M.Sc IT (NOUN)                                         Lecturer
Engr. E.C. Amadi, B.Eng EEE, B.Eng, MSc. IT(FUTO),CCNA             Lecturer
Engr. Njoku Dominic, ADip, B.Sc (ECE),  M.Sc CS (AAU)                  Lecturer
Engr. Chukwudebe G., B.Eng,(UNN), M.Eng, (FUTO), PhD(New Castle ), FNSE
Assoc  Lecturer
Eke J. Iheawuike, B.Sc CS (UNN), M.Eng (CE)(ESUT), PhD(iv unizik)       Assoc Lecturer
Engr. Michael Anumaka,  ADip CE (FUTO), B.Sc, M.Eng EEE (AAU),           Lecturer
Udeogu Augustine Nnaji, B.Tech, PGD CE(futo), M.Eng EEE(AAU )   Lecturer
Engr. Onuoha Emeka Chibuzo, B.Eng (MechEngr)(FUTO)            Lecturer
Engr. Okafor Friday Onyema, HND, PGD, M.Eng, PhD (ESUT), COREN, MNSE
Associate lecturer
Ihejirika Joseph, HND EEE (Afikpo)                        Technologist

  1. Networking and System Security
    This involves how to link two or more computers in a local area network, link LAN to
    the  Internet and secure the network via modern security techniques. It also includes
    WAN and Wireless  technologies, MAN, CAN, Intranet and Extranets.

Nwakamma I.C., B.Eng EEE, MscIT (FUTO)                H.O.D
Nwaro E.  AD, PGD, M.Sc(IT)(NOU)                    Principal Lecturer
Odabi O. Odabi, PhD Telecom (Suffield)                Associate Lecturer
Osuagwu E. Oliver, D.Sc CS (Mexico), PhD IT (UCN), PhD cforensics (Calif), FNCS,
FCPN, FIMIS, FBCS CITP, MACM, MIEEE                Chief Lecturer
Ogbonna E. Dave, B.Tech I.T(futo),CWNA, CCNA            Lecturer
Njoku Obilor A., HND CS (Ibadan), B.Sc, M.Sc CS (AAU)        Lecturer
Okide Samuel, NCE, B.Sc CS(unilag),M.Sc, PhD CS (unizik), FNCS    Lecturer
Njoku Chinonso, B.Sc CS, M.Sc (unizik), MNCS, CCNA                   Lecturer
Ihejirika Joseph, HND EEE (Afikpo)                    Technologist

  1. Multi-Media Technology Department
    Cynthia Uchechi Osuagwu, B.Sc CS (IMSU)                    H.O.D
    Osuagwu E. Oliver, D.Sc CS (Mexico), PhD IT (UCN), PhD cforensics (Calif),
    FNCS, FCPN, FIMIS, FBCS CITP, MACM, MIEEE                    Chief Lecturer
    Benison Odigwe, HND (osisatech), PGD, MSc CS (NOUN)                 Lecturer
    O. Odabi, PhD Telecom (Suffield)                             Associate Lecturer
    Njoku Obilor A., HND CS (Ibadan), B.Sc, M.Sc CS (AAU)                 Associate Lecturer
    Engr. Onuoha, Dip Telecom (Oshodi), BEng ECE (ESUT), MSc CS (Unizik)   Senior
    5. General Studies Department
    Edebato Dom, BSc, MSc, PhD(Unizik)                                               Chief Lecturer
    Madu M. B.Ed Lib & Info Science (ABSU)                                       Librarian/lecturer
    Igidi M.O.A. , B.Sc, M.Sc  Acct & Fin.(IMSU)                                            Lecturer
    Chukwuemeka P. Mordi, B.Sc,(surv), M.Sc CS)(AAU) ,MNCA, MCPN    Lecturer
    Val Agbasionu , B.Sc(Stat), M.Sc(CS), PhD(CIS)                                        Lecturer
    Akaenyi, Ikechukwu W., B.Sc(Math), PGD, M.Sc(CS)unizik                     Lecturer
    Nwachuku Jordan C., B.Sc(firstclass),MBA, MSc, PhD                              Lecturer
    Uwah I.E., B.Sc, PGD (Acctg)(IMSU)                                                         Lecturer
    Ogide Herbert, MBA (Calabar), PhD (Italy)                        Associate Lecturer

Each of these programs runs for four semesters or two years.  Part-time students spend 6 semesters or 3 years.
Admissions are through JAMB UTME.  Entry requirement is 5 credits in one sitting or 6 credits in two sitting and must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Part-time students spend six semesters (3 years)